Snap Showcase
WASD to move and collect clams
This is my snap final. I really liked this project because we got to choose what to make. I really liked finding the images for the sprites and making them change to a different sprite to make them do something (Like when the shark opens and closes his mouth when the fish gets eaten). My favorite part about this project was to make the fish change into a different fish after he collected a certain amount of clams.
I chose this project because it was cool to learn about the random blocks and it helped a lot with understanding snap a bit better. If I were to do this again, I would make a backround and figure out how to make it so the flowers don't overlap.
The code starts off with clearing the screen. After the screen is cleared it picks a random spot to draw a flower. The amount of petals, how big the petals are, and how tall and wide the stem is all determined by what numbers you type into the block. You also choose the amount of flowers that will be randomly placed.